AquaMizer Solution for Toilets

The AquaMizer Is A Simple, Green Solution to Water Inefficiency

Prevent catastrophic flooding
Save money on your water bill
Use less water with every flush

Start Saving Water & Money

Save Water and Money with The AquaMizer Solution®

The AquaMizer SolutionThe AquaMizer protector flush system is a superior toilet tank innovation that is designed to reduce water usage, improve flush performance, proactively prevent leaks, and stop catastrophic toilet tank floods. The leak prevention feature alone can easily save up to 75,000 gallons of water a year!

Use Less Water with Each Flush

When the toilet is flushed, a unique, flat flapper valve opens to a full vertical position, allowing water to exit the tank with minimal obstruction. As a result, the flush velocity is so strong that the bowl can be effectively flushed using as little as one gallon of water. This increase in velocity will easily flush solids with just one flush. This is in contrast to a partially opened standard flapper valve with a protruding bulb that causes a slower flush and uses a full tank of water. The adjustable float feature allows you to set the flush volume to the optimal amount of water for your bowl configuration and drainage conditions. This volume reduction can easily save one to two gallons of water each flush, depending on tank size.

Prevent Damage From Flooding Toilets

The AquaMizer contains a revolutionary protector feature. This patented component will turn off the fill valve if a catastrophic leak occurs, preventing serious water damage from flooding, as well as avoiding an extremely high water bill. If the flapper fails to close, a standard fill valve will not turn off and water will continue to pour into the tank. This can cause a clogged toilet bowl to overflow.

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